Picture Check – Is this Edinburgh?

On 1 May 2022 Edinburgh Evening News published a story “Women who underwent abortions face “trauma” as protests continue in Scotland.” The story related to a woman who had an abortion in 2014, at the New Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. The Evening News illustrated their story with several pictures. The first picture is:


The picture shows a group of people, approximately 5 deep, holding signs in favour of abortion. Some of the signs show the logos of NARAL, an American lobby group which campaigns for abortion and Planned Parenthood, an American abortion provider.

The picture is credited to Shutterstock, a supplier of stock images. The original picture is on the Shutterstock website where it is described as a rally in Supreme Court in Washington, DC on May 21, 2019.

No location is given for this Evening News image although the picture is captioned “Women who went through abortions have told how “inescapable” and “damaging” anti-abortions protests in Scotland are.” Other location shots in the Evening News story are correctly identified as vigils in Glasow.

The Evening News does have a genuine picture of an Edinburgh vigil which it published in 2018. Although taken at Edinburgh’s Chalmers clinic this is more representative of an Edinburgh event:


Conclusion: MISLEADING

This Evening News article was published in 2022 and relates to a woman’s story from 2014. The picture used is dated 2019 and was taken in the United States, approximately 3,400 miles from Edinburgh.

The signage is provided by NARAL and Planned Parenthood which are are American organisations with no UK activities.

The picture illustrates an event in favour of abortion. While pro-life vigils have taken place at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh there have been no counter vigils and no events there have been 5 persons deep and featured American signage.

Unlike other locations featured in the story, the Evening News failed to identify the location of it’s leading picture and the caption text used could suggest that it was picture from Scotland.

The Evening News picture is therefore rated as MISLEADING