Abortion vigils in Scotland

The purpose of this site is to provide information to any interested in this subject in Scotland.

Where does this information come from?

Much of this site uses official data taken from Police Scotland or NHS Boards Freedom of Information responses. We think these are reliable and credible contributions to the discussion

Where & when do vigils take place? What happens during a vigil?

Abortion vigils have taken place in Scotland for over a decade. While they are well established they may be less frequent than you expect – learn more about instances. We’ve fact-checked some of the allegations so you can read about them in more detail. Some allegations seem to be incorrect

What about the press?

Abortion vigils have been widely reported in the Scottish press and other media outlets. Read our media section to see how vigils have been covered. Some coverage has been misleading

Are they ‘vigils’ or ‘protests?’

It’s up to you! This website could only have one domain name so we called it abortionvigils.scot. Read why we use the term vigils

Picture credit: Edinburgh vigil from Edinburgh Evening News, 25 April 2018