Picture Check – Where in the World?

On 1 October 2021 STV News published a story “Woman harassed outside abortion clinic calls for buffer zones.” STV illustrated their story with this picture:



The picture shows a group of women holding signs saying “We Choose Life” and “Mothers Choose Life.” The first sign displays the logo of the Knights of Columbus, an American Catholic charity. Trees can be seen in the background but no other features. The picture is credited to MivPiv via iStock. iStock is a supplier of stock images. The STV image does not provide any context or caption the picture

The original picture is on the iStock website where it is described as showing a group of women in Boise, Idaho in 2011.

The text of the STV article repeats the incorrect claims published by the Daily Record on 23 September that a student was faced with “around 15 to 20 protesters” at 7am. These claims are analysed in this post.

Conclusion: MISLEADING

The STV article was published in 2021 and relates to a student in Glasgow, in 2018. The picture used is dated 2011 and was taken in the western United States, approximately 4,500 miles from Glasgow. The signage shown appears to have been provided by an American Catholic charity which, to our knowledge, does not provide signage for abortion vigils in Scotland.

The STV News picture is therefore rated as MISLEADING