Picture Check – Is this a Scottish vigil?

On 23 September 2021 the Daily Record published an article about Scottish Government policy in relation to vigils and the start of a new vigil by the 40 Days for Life group. The story was illustrated with this picture:



The picture features a group of men and women holding signs with the words: “Abortion? Not in our name.” In the background is a very large building with georgian windows and classical style stone columns. The picture is credited to Getty Images which is British-American visual media company and a supplier of stock images.

The Daily Record image does not provide any context but captions the picture with the text: “Campaigners say anti-choice protests should be kept away from healthcare entrances”

The Daily Record’s picture appears to be the same Getty image as that used by the BBC on 21 October 2019:


The BBC article: “Abortion recall: Another bizarre day in recent Stormont history” provides context for the picture which shows a group opposing proposed changes to the abortion law in Northern Ireland. The BBC locate the picture at Stormont, the home of the Northern Ireland Assembly, near Belfast

Conclusion: MISLEADING

The Daily Record article relates to 2021 prayer vigils at Scottish hospitals or clinics where abortion is performed. The Daily Record picture shows a 2019 political event at a political location in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The red / white posters displayed relate to a Northern Irish campaign which have not been used at any vigil in Scotland

The Daily Record picture is therefore rated as MISLEADING