What is DATIX?

DATIX is a software system used by many NHS and care organisations for incident and risk management. DATIX can be used to manage incidents, risks, complaints, claims, requests for information and safety alerts.

NHS Lothian

NHS Lothian’s Adverse Events Management Procedure defines these as “an event that could have caused, or did result in harm to people, including death, disability, injury, disease or suffering and/or immediate or delayed emotional reactions or psychological harm”. Adverse events experienced as harassment on the grounds of age, disability, ethnicity or race, religion or belief, or sexuality are included. Harm is defined as “an outcome with a negative effect”.  Adverse Events must be recorded on DATIX

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC)

NHSGGC use DATIX for clinical and non-clinical incident reporting as part of the organisation’s Incident Management and Recording Policy. This requires staff to report incidents as soon as possible, even if they are not directly affected. The Policy covers all incidents, whether they involve patients, relatives, visitors, staff, contractors, volunteers or the general public.

In the Policy and on NHSGGC’s website an ‘incident’ is any event or circumstance that led to unintended or unexpected harm, loss or damage. The definition “includes any act of non-consensual physical violence or verbal abuse”